The Frission First premiere series is proud to bring you it’s fifth installment with a track from the forthcoming EP by Buckles N’ Son due out on Clockwork on the 15th of October.

This is the first collaborative release by talented multi-instrumentalist “Conor Buckley” and smooth hip hop beatsmith “Shawn Mkandla” who have combined their musical talents and backgrounds in a fascinating way under the moniker Buckles N’ Son. It’s an eclectic and experimental project that sounds like nothing else you’ve heard this year.


We asked the good people at Clockwork to pose the dynamic duo a few questions so we could find out more:

How did you two guys meet and start making music together?

Well in our group of friends, there were about 3 bands, and every month or so we would rent out the local studio (just to jam sort-of thing). At the time I (Shawn a.k.a ‘Son’ a.k.a ‘Mr. Bonang’), had just started getting into producing a little more and showed Conor 1 or 2 joints from an EP I was working on. He was pretty much like, “yeah we should work on something”, and I was like “cool!”. (Keep in mind I’d always thought buckles was a musical genius, So Of course!)

You seem to have 2 different musical backgrounds and that leads to some really unique sounds and melodies in your music. How do you find working together?

Working together is a breeze now. Of course we have our own struggles writing independently, but when we’re bringing our goods together everything mellows out. It was tricky at the start, trying to integrate live performance with produced tracks without any helpful equipment, samplers/monitors etc. But we learned to listen and write in such a way that we could get the most out of what we had at our disposal.

Tell us about “Until I Lather Into A Frenzy of Aromatic Bubbles”. How did the song come about?

Until I Lather was the first track that we felt like ‘Yup, this is a good time. More of this please’. We had been messing around trying to make a house track with some Indian sounding guitar on top and failed miserably. We decided to jump to something much more open. Keeping it simple, lots of improv and boom-bappin’ drums. There’s a great jazzy sound between the guitar, rhodes and bass cuz Shawn wrote in an uninvited bass note that ended up giving a little spice to the harmony.

Name one track or album you would have sold your soul at the crossroads to have made/produced?

Balla et ses Balladins – Paulette. Whats great about this song, which we’ve also taken as inspiration in some tracks we write, is the 2 chord formula, were a song is written around some hand-picked open chords. The chords in the track act as a foundation, firstly adhering to your aural demands (just sounding damn good to the ears), but also allow for plenty of room for improvisation within the track, for the various band members.

Have you guys thought about any plans for after the EP release?

Not much apart from finishing up a couple of new tracks we’ve been working on. As always we’re just throwing a couple of ideas at the wall and seeing which stick, so we’ll see where the next pieces of music take us. A track we have nearly have finished at the moment, sonically takes a different direction from what we’ve created, but once again, it’s just what we stumble upon working on, on a given day.

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