We are very excited to announce Jai Pyne as a Frission Resident for October. Jai is label manager of the brilliant Turktown Records, a music producer, food writer, film composition don and owner of the best named cafe you’ve ever heard ‘Fleetwood Macchiato’


Jai was formerly in a band from Sydney you might of heard of called Paper Scissors. As a solo artist now he produces wild, innovative, dancing music under his own name, releasing the utterly ace ‘Jaisus EP’ in 2015 :

and following it this year with the new single ‘Heart Won’t Stop’:

Jai will be bringing us a brilliant new show called ‘Tangents’ which airs first on the 10th October (full schedule at the bottom of the page.) Here’s Jai on the concept:

“I’ve always been a maker of music, but first and foremost I am a fan of music. Tangents is a way to uncover gems and play some of my favourite tunes at the same time. Each show will draw a serpentine map around one piece of music, this source is the stimuli that will lead to songs from other artists, and works by new music makers and records I have discovered in the worm holes on the way. Part musicology, part cultural studies, a good dash of geek-out, we will uncover some new favourites and rekindle old flames all in the name of good music.”

Sounds good right!? We like listening to Jai talk so we hit him with our residency questions to further illuminate the man and the music:


You can put together a band of any musicians dead or alive to play at any venue – who, where, why?

Eno on keys, Neil Young on guitar, Nile Rogers on guitar, Tina Weymoth on bass, Ivan Conti on drums, Big boi and Andre 3000 on raps/vocals, Pharaoh Sanders on sax, Alice Coltrane on harp, sister sledge backing vocals, and lead vox by Sly Stone and Beyonce. They’d play at The Enmore Theatre because I can walk there from my house and it’s a great venue Why? Well just because it’d be RIDICULOUS.


What music was around your house when you were growing up?

It was primarily pop and rock from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but other things too, my parents had a good vinyl collection (that I later stole)- lots of Talking Heads, The Police, Prince, Hendrix. Also my dad’s music – he is a songwriter and always had friends around that were in his band or other musician friends playing. I used to jam with them.

1st record you bought (or forced someone to buy you)?

Blood Sugar Sex Magik by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Forced my dad after he had bought the single for Give it Away. I still remember to this day listening to Under The Bridge and knowing that it was going to be a massive hit.

Original pressing piece of vinyl you would do something shameful to own?

I’m not a massive purist. I’d like to get a copy of this album called Baru by George Rrurrambu & Birdwave, he was the singer in The Warumpi Band an awesome indigenous Australian band and this is a single or EP he made in the early 2000’s. I heard it on one of Andras Fox’s Dj sets and the Cd goes for $2000 on Discogs and it’s only on Youtube, can’t find it anywhere.

Top 10 producers of all time (any music style)?

Organized Noize, Bernard Edwards and Nile Rogers (counting them as one), Prince, Brian Wilson, George Martin, J Dilla, Aphex Twin, Outkast, Sly Stone, Brian Eno.


Favourite 3 music videos?

Lift me Up, Vince Staples

Windowlicker Aphex Twin

Crazy in Love Beyonce

What’s next for you?

I’m releasing another single soon on Turktown, running my café, collecting music, eating, surfing.

Greatest year for music?

This year.

Why do you make music?

I use it as a way of making myself happy, I love producing music, I love learning about it. Sometimes I go for stretches without making much music but I always come back to it, it’s a comfort zone and solace.

5 albums it should be illegal for people not to own?

Black Sunday Cypress Hill
Aquemini by Outkast
Rumours Fleetwood Mac
Return to Cookie Mountain TV On The Radio
Remain in Light Taking Heads

Most mind blowing gig you’ve been to?

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs at The Annandale Hotel in maybe 2008 or so. It was their first trip to Aus and it was a 400 capacity room. It was so fun and it was one of those shows where there is a synergy of a band blowing up and also just doing whatever the fuck they want as well as really appreciating the crowd and how we;; they are being received.

Recommend 3 other works of art/artists (books, painters etc)?

Fountain by Marcel Duchamp
The Wind Up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami
On Food and Cooking Harold McGee


In a parallel universe where anything is possible, who works on your next project with you and what is it?

I’d score a Wong Kar Wai film.


Record label you wish you started?


Apart from music what do you love most?

Inanimate concept or object- Food.

Who is your musical inspiration?

This is fucking corny but probably my family. They taught me about creativity and let me do what I wanted with it my whole life. We can talk and argue about music for hours with my father specifically. My brother too, I argue with my brother and father about the drum part in Black Dog by Led Zeppelin, I reckon Bonham goes out of time a bit but they won’t ever admit it (or don’t agree with me).

You can listen to one song before you get put into the Black Sleep of the Kali Ma – what do you choose?

Avril 14th by Aphex Twin.

Tangents with Jai Pyne Full Schedule

Episode 1:
9-11 AM UK time on 10th October and then repeated on Tuesday 11th October 6-8 PM GMT

Episode 2:
9-11 AM UK time on the 24th October and then repeated on Tuesday 6-8 PM GMT

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