Here’s a big tip from our resident tropical madman Sadisco. Their name is Banderas, eleven musicians based in Tokyo channeling the mighty spirit of Fania / New York Salsa and so much more.

The band bring a huge range of influences and style to their Salsa sound, including Funk, Reggae, Cuban, Salsa, Afro Beat, Dancing, and DJing.

As Satoru days “Their debut 7″ inch single reminds me of the good days of Willie Colon playing dirty rudeboy salsa in New York. It’s never beautiful music. The trombone speaks in a harsh tone, the piano montuno is hysterical. The real clave is the blood of immigration’s rebels. I truly believe that salsa blood runs through Banderas of Tokyo. Sabroso!!!”

Get over to their JP online shop for all manner of awesome goodies including, yup, bandanas.


piano – Kazuma Koseki 小関一馬
vocal – Yoshiaki Hagiya 萩谷嘉秋
choras,percussion – Yasuji
choras,percussion – Tinnen(ex.EKD.ex未来世紀メキシコ)
bass – Masaaki Otomo 大友正明(ex.BUBBLEGUM BROTHERS)
conga – Dategen 伊達弦(ex.Orquesta De La Luz)
bongo – Izpon(ex.KINGDOM AFROCKS,ex.AOA,犬式,鎮座Dopeness & Doping Band)
timbales – takeshi ogawa 小川岳史(ex.JEMSTONE)
trombone – Masayuki Nakayama 中山まさゆき
saxophone – Ichirou イチロウ
trumpet – Naohito’temjin’Yomoda 四方田テムジン直人(Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro)