Every month we support & pay tribute to one fantastic label or collective. In October we unite with the exceptional music/art and internet culture platform Rare Nnudes.

11709639_1758948570998736_654807594277814370_nRare Nnude’s goal is to “explore/purvey the sense of mystery in the internet culture.” Since 2012/13 it’s four guiding hands : Bored Lord,  p l a i n t e x t, minivan markus, & Bastiengoat have been creating a variety of fascinating mixed media artworks to explore, elevate and mock the symbiotic relationship of their art and the world of the web that reifies, mythologizes and consumes it.


As always we will furnish your ears with an incredible Label Of The Month mix curated by Bored Lord which will air for the first time on Sunday 9th October from 19:00 – 21:00 and take you on a chronological journey through some of the highlights of the Rare Nnude’s catalogue.
Until then we caught up with the multi-talented Bored Lord to find out more about the thinking behind the collective.

What is the story of the label/collective’s birth?

Rare Nnudes was born from the mainframe. p l a i n t e x t had arranged the spoiler alert collective around 2012. after creating a project titled cvlt45, bored lord and minivan_markus suggested starting a label to support further releases for the collective. hearing the release, bastiengoat reached out to help run the label.

Who named you and why/WTF?

Earlier in our timeline, there was an artist that used the moniker but shed it after forming the label in order to release anonymous material.

What is your manifesto – what are your aims?

We intend to create transcendental digital shamanism

Tell us about your City & how it shaped you?

Our city is vast and shaped all of us uniquely

What was your first record?

What 3 tracks define the sound/intent of you label/collective best so far?


What’s cooking?

We are currently releasing iphyou’s album and have a release from both grass mirror and qemist scheduled


What has been the best moment for your label so far?

Any moment that we realize we’ve created a platform that has accomplished more than we can comprehend

Who is the Diva on your label?

Definitely ϮᴥϮᴥϮ

How many hours a week do you spend working on your label?

Sometimes a lot of them and sometimes none at all

Recommend 3 other labels/collectives?


In a parallel universe where anything is possible, who would contact you to do an album for your label/collective?


If you could bring one band back from the grave to record for you who would it be? (It can be musicians from different bands united into one super entity?

J Dilla & DJ Rashad b2b

dj-rashad-deadAnswer these questions using only music videos:
Where do you get your inspiration?

If you started your label in another decade what would it sound like?

Rare Nnudes LOTM Mix Schedule

Sundays 1900-2100 GMT – 9th, 16th, 23rd 30th October

Saturdays 20:00 – 22:00 LA 15th, 22nd, 29th October

Fridays 18:00 – 20:00 Japan 14th, 21st, 28th October

Access Rare Nnudes Here: