After more than a decade DJing, promoting and helping cultivate Sydney’s broader Soulful beats scene, Australian musical allrounder Edseven returns to production in a big way. ‘Broadside’ is the inaugural release on the brand new Midnight Swim label run by Bondi Beach Radio’s Tom Studdy.


For Frission First 004 we are proud to allow your ears an exclusive listen to the wonderful strains of the Beat Spacek remix from this fantastic project awaiting release in late October.

We caught up with Ed to chat to him about his career, stepping back in the production arena and what 2016 has in store.

How long have you been at this music game?

I’ve been djing nearly 17 years now… producing and releasing music about 8 years.

You juggle promoting, Dj’ing and production, does having this mixture of all three keep it fresh or does your heart beat stronger for one side of your work?


I think they all feed into each other and work in cycles, definitely keeps to fresh but if I had to choose I’d pick djing. I like the immediate feedback, push pull nature of djing to a dancefloor.

What’s your no.1 track to turn the dance-floor to embers right now?

A classic choice but one that never fails… Soho – Hot Music

If you could take your Play Bar night on a road trip to another city for one night only, where would you go?

New York CIty – outdoor vibes in a park somewhere under the sun.

How did you get together with Midnight Swim for this release?

I’m friends with the founder of Midnight Swim, Tom Studdy, as we’ve dj’d together for years. This is the first release for the label which started life as a show on Bondi Beach radio. All the remixers are friends so the whole thing has come together very naturally. I can’t wait to share it with the world.


Does this new E.P signal mark a return to more production for you?

Absolutely, I’ve been active on the other fronts but now definitely want to share some more of my own music with the world.

Who would you say are the main influences on your current sound?

For this release I suppose people like Mo Kolours, Floating Points, Dego, Inkswel, IG Culture, Mr Scruff…

How did you come to work with the very brilliant Mr Spacek?

Spacek’s brother is a longtime friend so we’re connected through similar circles. I’ve also booked Steve to play parties I put on as ‘Lioness Presents’ over the last few years which have been amazing. When it came to remixers for the release he was the first pick and he finished it in 48 hours!

Tell us a bit about the rest of your Sydney crew?

I founded a crew called ‘Lioness presents’ a few years ago for a series of warehouse parties. We’ve had amazing guests including Funkineven, Mark de Clive Lowe, Linkwood, Raf Daddy, Spacek, Recloose, Inkswel etc.. proper late night vibes.

Sydney has had a difficult time with various laws targeting the late night music trade.. Still lots of wonderful crews doing great parties around the city in traditional clubs / bars or finding other options outdoors and in warehouses..

The other part of Lioness is a monthly Hip Hop, Beats, Soul night called ‘73 ‘til Infinity’ which has been going from strength to strength the last 3 years.. I just play stuff I love and book people and tell them to do the same.. No real rules or guidelines.. Guests have included Spacek, Suff Daddy, Nicodemus etc.. Co-conspirators on Lioness presents parties are Henry Compton and Fred Tectonic..

You have some really unusual and dope Hip Hop/Breakbeat Productions and remixes, how come we don’t hear from you so often on the beats production front?

I had taken a bit of a hiatus from all production due to a bunch of stuff but am definitely still writing stuff on that tip… I always love to mix things up so watch this space.

Tell us about this ‘unique ear’ of yours Ed?

Ahh, just the ability to combine unlikely musical elements I suppose… be it sounds / samples / vibes in production or tracks when djing..

Name one track or album you would have sold your soul at the crossroads to have made/produced?

Roy Ayers – Everybody loves the sunshine (RAMP version)

What has the rest of the year got on store?

Touring Europe all September which should be amazing.. Looking forward to collaborating with some crew on trip… then back to the Sydney summer with some more parties bubbling on the way for Lioness.. Music & sunshine.

Instagram – @midnightswimsounds