This Friday Will McGiven’s ‘Constellations Show’ will feature a guest mix from the very ace Vinyl Williams who has a new album out on Company Recs. Tune in at 22:00 GMT for a show to remember.

Vinyl Williams

Last month, LA-based musician and visual artist, Williams, son of the legendary John Williams, released his third full-length album, Brunei. Williams is signed to Company Records, the label of Toro Y Moi/Les Sins mastermind Chaz Bundick, who features on the new album.

Williams is an internationally exhibited visual artist and musician who’s been releasing music under his Vinyl Williams alias since 2010. As a result of experiencing religious and cultural dissonance growing up in the state of Utah, Williams reacts by creating dream worlds of religious and cultural harmony. Through his art, he projects himself beyond metaphysical dream worlds with ancient mystical symbols, utopian architecture and exotic locales enveloped in a rippling haze of psychedelia.