‘Body Wash’ the new long player by the one and only Mr Ringgo Ancheta is primed and ready, but there’s a whole month to go before its release date. We thought we would contribute to your growing frustration by telling you how brilliant it is.

mndsgn-body-washMndsgn’s 2nd album for Stones Throw is so damn cute and sexy that you’re gonna want to spend an hour pruning your bits and choosing your outfit before you even drop the needle on it.

The album is apparently based around a narrative in which ‘a man who bathes in a peculiar body wash finds himself transported to an alternate dimension.’  This 16 track transmission from that dimension is a masterpiece of woozy boogie-soul. There’s nothing peculiar at all about the way it smells, it smells gooood, like the combined super-funk of Steve Arrington, D-Train, all The Whispers plus Dwele.

Ancheta describes the album as “a soul record that plays with nostalgic elements in a very dynamic & positive way. Think about it as a box of crayons for you to draw emotions with.”  We prefer not to try and think of the album as a box of crayons lest we go mad. Like most mammals, we have trouble expressing our emotions through any means, let alone crayons. Mr Mndsgn however has a wonderful gift, he paints these pictures in such a way that you feel utterly effected by the songs despite their playful tone.

The first single and video from the project ‘Cosmic Perspective’ is out now, tearing down the information super highway and leaving a  Midnight Express shaped hand-print on the ass of anyone who presses play.

Check it out, it’s got a load of very cool people in it; like Ras G, zeroh and Swarvy and they are looking into a triangle whilst wearing sun-ra stylee fascinators and eye-goggles.

You might be forgiven for thinking that the single is so good it will be the best track off the album leaving the rest a disappointment by comparison. Don’t do that, stay positive people, this whole thing is a doozy, even the interludes are winners.

There’s your new favourite slow jam ‘Use Ya Mind’ with it’s debonair key changes, percussion that sounds like he channeled Paulinho da Costa circa 1990 and a killer climactic keyboard solo designed to make every Dave Grusin impersonator blush. The woozy ‘Lather’ is a perfect drag of loping headnoddery. Slap bass grinds so filthily throughout you can’t help but imagine yourself lying naked underneath the beautiful cascading keys of the chorus and singing along ‘the only thing I wanna do is embrace this moment for a change.’

Mndsgn’s Body Wash is out on September 16th