Label Of The Month – Archives [August 2016]

Frission Label of the Month, August 2016.

Valencia based ‘Archives’ label.

We’re proud to be hosting an exclusive two hour mix by ARCHIVES boss Warmth / Agus that celebrates this label’s amazing first year and a half, as well as looks ahead into the label’s very bright future.
Here’s what Agus had to say about his phenomenal Label Of The Month mix:

“The main idea was to focus the label on Dub Techno at first, but over time it has been merging with ambient music. Actually, at first I thought about starting a sub-label focused on ambient and calling it ‘Ambient Archives’ but I thought it was a better idea not to be tied to one style.”

The first half of the mix is focused on ambient tracks, I have been fortunate to have some of my favorite artists in this style on the label, including Snufmumriko, SineRider, Gallery Six and Logic Moon.

In the second half you can hear mainly dub tracks. Here, the idea has always been that it was not a generic dub techno sound, with the typical chord sounds, but something with more soul, like for instance Alex Humann, Faidel or Dustcraft or sounds from the fothcoming Purl album.”

Read our interview with the label head Augus Warmth here:…

1. Longhome (original mix) by Snufmumriko
2. Stars On A Hilltop (original mix) by Gallery Six
3. Like An Ever Flowing Stream by Logic Moon
4. Odessa (original mix) by Warmth
5. Frost by SineRider
6. Meanwhile by Halftribe
7. Tines (SineRider remix) by Robert Farrugia
8. Interlude I (original mix) by Alex Humann
9. IS 17e (original mix) by Faidel
10.Northern Shore (Part 1) by Audub
11.Hk (original mix) by Aspect
12.EPR Paradox by DT 90
13.Shisotsun by Seramind
14.Interlude I (Advanced Dreams extended version) by Alex Humann
15.Son Doong (Organon remix) by Robert Heel
17.Thaw by Robert Farrugia