Our good friends at Collective Resonance just hit us up to introduce us to their forthcoming compilation ‘Resonance Vol.3’:

“We here at Collective Resonance are excited to announce our forthcoming compilation “Resonance Vol. 3”. This release will consist of 19 incredible tracks, three of which have already been released via both SoundCloud and Bandcamp. The first two singles we released were San Francisco based producer BläpDëli’s “Hunku” and L.A native Prozak Morris’s “Noise Box”. Both of these tracks have been well received and they have already gotten some blog and radio exposure. Hunku will also be played on BBC Radio Norfolk (Introducing Show) on July 24th.

Every artist/producer featured on the compilation presents to us a unique sound and style like no other, from the funky head nod inducing beats of Prozak Morris, to the ambient and atmospheric instrumentals of people like Scott Xylo and Dreamtree. We also have brilliant tracks from UK talents including Warren Xclnce and Auxx A.K.A Louis Sterling, whose music has also been played on the BBC (Introducing & Gilles Peterson) and he performed at the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival back in April of this year.
It’s a bit of a cliché, but we truly believe this compilation is one of our best releases to date. If you are looking for cutting edge Electronic, Hip Hop and Beat Music, with a plethora of sounds and styles, then this compilation is certainly something you should enjoy. I urge you to check out the tracks we have already released and hope you will enjoy Resonance Vol 3 in its entirety on the official release date of August 26th

Collective Resonance