Another month, another wonderful label feature here on Frission Radio.
This time we’re taking you to the land of sun and diversity – Spain, where you will find a truly diverse young label called ARCHIVES based in Valencia.

The journey began last year in March and was some kind of a breakaway for Warmth, the label head of Archives. Already well known in the scene, he decided to break free from other labels and to start all over again independently. In kick-start style he brought together well known names from all over the world like Alex Humann, Robert Farrugia and Purl and set a benchmark of 19 releases in the first 12 months.
Archives sound is often defined as dusty dub-techno, soundscape-ish ambient music, but what defines and describes ARCHIVES best is the vitality of their sound. Field recording is a big thing for the label and gives space for beautifully evolving arrangements.

Archives output is so deeply evocative and creates such a solid language for itself that more decoration from us is unnecessary, especially so when it’s symbiotic relationship with nature and life is reinforced so perfectly through their artwork and visuals.


Introduction by Clemens Ruh – host of the Cinambientique Show.

Archives 2015 Cover

We’re proud to be hosting an exclusive two hour mix by ARCHIVES boss Warmth / Agus that celebrates this label’s amazing first year and a half, as well as looks ahead into the label’s very bright future.
Here’s what Agus had to say about his phenomenal Label Of The Month mix:

“The main idea was to focus the label on Dub Techno at first, but over time it has been merging with ambient music. Actually, at first I thought about starting a sub-label focused on ambient and calling it ‘Ambient Archives’ but I thought it was a better idea not to be tied to one style.”

The first half of the mix is focused on ambient tracks, I have been fortunate to have some of my favorite artists in this style on the label, including Snufmumriko, SineRider, Gallery Six and Logic Moon.

In the second half you can hear mainly dub tracks. Here, the idea has always been that it was not a generic dub techno sound, with the typical chord sounds, but something with more soul, like for instance Alex Humann, Faidel or Dustcraft or sounds from the fothcoming Purl album.”


The ARCHVES Label Of The Month mix will get its first airing on Sunday 14th August, from 7-9PM British time. That’s right, we’re making you wait for this one. To keep you occupied, we caught up with ARCHIVES’s boss Agus / Warmth to chat with him about his brilliant label:

Label Lore – Q&A with Warmth

What is the story of the label/collective’s birth?

Starting my own label was on my mind for a long time. Finally, I decided to do it just at a time when I had some unprofitable experiences with some labels, releasing my own music. Many times I have worked on single tracks for compilations or remixes, that have never been released and there was also a couple of cursed complete EPs. It’s frustrating, because you spend a lot of time working on music, dealing with deadlines and you just see this is not going anywhere or is doing it in bad ways.

I thought to start managing, at least, most of my music, was a way to avoid the problem, knowing that if I do a track or a remix, it will be not in a drawer for 10 months and will have a decent mastering but, in any case, releasing my own music was not the main obejective.

Who named you and why/WTF?

It has always been a nightmare to put names to tracks and stuff. I spent a week mulling over a name for the label, but everything sounded too cheesy and cliché. At the end, I remembered a series of mixes I’ve made a while back that was called ‘Dub Archives’. I don’t know, I thought ‘Archives’ sounded pretty cool and unpretentious.

What is your manifesto – what are your aims?

Basically to find a group of producers with whom I feel identified and above all that was easy and pleasant for them to work for the label. For me, the most important thing is that they are comfortable with the whole process, with much artistic freedom as possible.

Tell us about your City & how it shaped you?

I live at the Mediterranean coast of Spain. I guess my city is relatively known for being plagued with these horrendous buildings of Calatrava, but has much more… A charming historical center, beaches and a magnificent weather all year long. It’s a nice place, I have always lived near the sea and It would be hard to change that.

What was your first record?

Well, the first thing I remember are a series of compilations that were quite common here, mixing Rave, EBM, New Beat, Eurodance…

What 3 tracks define the sound/intent of you label/collective best so far?

Difficult choice, maybe… Alex Humann ‘Interlude I’, Robert Farrugia ‘Thaw’ and Warmth ‘Decade’.

What’s cooking?

An album by Purl called ‘Form Is Emptiness’, which with I’m very excited. He is one of my all time favorite producers. Also, the fifth part of ‘Ambient Archives‘, with Shuta Yasukochi, Logic Moon, Surroundyou y Slow Clinic, an extraordinary ambient album by SineRider, a new dub EP from Zoltan Ban and a remix album for my own album ‘Essay’.

What has been the best moment for your label so far?

It was very exciting when we released the first CD, the one by Faidel. The truth is that sales were not a big deal, but it’s working much better now.


Who is the Diva on your label?

I like to think that the label is a meeting place for people with common interests and a similar message. There are always people with whom you connect more or with a style closer to the label, but I don’t think I can emphasize one over the other.

How many hours a week do you spend working on your label?

Not too many.

Recommend 3 other labels/collectives?

Maybe… Silent Season, astrangelyisolatedplace and Prologue

In a parallel universe where anything is possible, who would contact you to do an album for your label/collective?

If anything is possible, definitely Boards Of Canada or Brian Eno

Answer these questions using only music videos:
Where do you get your inspiration?

If you started your label in another decade what would it sound like?

Catch the ARCHIVES LOTM Mix in your time zone:
UK Sundays 14th, 21st and 28th August 7-9 LONDON
JP Fridays 13th, 20th and 27th August 6-8 PM TOKYO
US Wednesdays 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st August 5-7 PM L.A