Every month we approach a DJ or artist we love and offer them carte blanche to curate a series of exclusive shows over that period. This August we are really proud to announce the arrival of a two for one deal as the dream team duo of the mighty Inkswel and the amazing Misumami form like Voltron to bring you ‘Planet Self‘ – an incredible hour of eclectic sounds each and every Tuesday from 8-9 GMT, kicking off on August 9th. This brand new Planet Self project will not be limited to just this dope radio show, the pair will be releasing an album under the moniker later this year, stay tuned.

Planet Self


Former b-boy and ‘drum machine obsessive’ Inkswel, has laid the foundation for something refreshing. Heavily rooted in his hip hop upbringing, it was the dance itself that inspired him and led him into different territories and vibrations – eventually being inspired by all types of soulful music. Inkswel first popped his locks down-under in Australia, where he began life as one Jules Habib, but his cosmopolitan outlook on music and life has taken him places, of late: he’s now as at home in Berlin and Amsterdam as in Melbourne and Adelaide, all cities where he has put in studio time.

He has collaborated with Tableek, Reggie B, John Robinson, Steve Spacek, Mark De Clive Lowe, Dave Aju, Chico Mann, Gary Davis, Andras Fox, Merwyn Sanders, Paul Randolph of Jazzanova, Eagle Nebula and countless others. Inkswel is hip hop in his foundation, but genre-less in his outlook and approach, embracing the soulful side of deep disco, 80s funk, Chicago house and UK broken beat into a colourful melting pot.

2016 marked the release of his debut album on the ‘beat generation’ famed label BBE Records called UNITY 4 UTOPIA, a collaborative visionary concept record featuring guest vocalists such as Steve Spacek, Tableek of Maspyke, Crazy P, Misumami, Dave Aju and producers and musicians from his musical network such as Mark DE Clive Lowe, Lay-Far and Recloose. The album traverses the gaps of all beat based music, touching on Hip Hop (his first love), Disco, Funk, Soul, House and Jazz.

2013 saw the launch of his own label Hot Shot Sounds (distributed by DC boogie label PPU), the initial release featuring a new track with Reggie B, and a b-side jam from his partner-in-crime Freekwency. The label then followed up with the much-acclaimed Cloud- Eaters EP, a collaboration with Merwyn Sanders of house legends Virgo Four, and backed by remixes from contemporaries Linkwood and GB.

Hot Shot Sounds has since gone on to release underground high quality releases from Paradise Box, Quaid, First Touch, Kid Sublime, Sugarz, APSD and countless others- with a heavy release schedule planned for the future. The latest release by newcomers APSD from Melbourne features collaborations with Fat Freddys Drop and Miles Bonny.

The future is bright for Inkswel, with 6 new releases already scheduled for 2016, including concept projects, singles and even disco edits for labels such as Soul Clap and KAT. An upcoming remix project of Italian based group THE MIXTAPERS on Sonar Kollektiv (Jazzanova label) featuring Illa J and Frank N Dank, sees him remixing the entire EP from start to finish and enlisting new collaborators such a mc’s LMNO and Blurum13 and the famous flutist Han Litz from Amsterdam to re create the EP with the distinct ‘Inkswel’sound.

Inkswel is also in the studio full time this year, planning to release his 2nd album before the year ends under the alias Super People.




Gliding the boundaries of contemporary soul music and underground beats culture, Misumami represents a splash in a pond of the worldwide soul music scene. Effortless and fluid vibrations pushed from the heart and mind, designed to be felt by the body. The brainchild of singer, producer and musician Charli Habib, with background input from well established indie producer Inkswel- Misumami represents a new rawness in the over saturated internet age where anybody can create.

Something truly unique and universal. One part Erykah, one part Little Dragon, a touch of Chemise and a nod to Evelyn Champagne King. Her debut solo single “LET THE DRUMS SPEAK” a mere teaser of the future direction of Misumami. Available as a free download on BANDCAMP and featuring friends ILLA J (Detroit) and Lay-Far (Moscow), the free single represents the accumulated sound for the upcoming full length album.

With an already impressive musical resume, including and not limited to collaborations with NYAK (Ninja Tune), Yam Who?, Davis (Soul Clap Records), Kid Sublime, Red Rackem and BBE Records. The future is bright for Misumami, who hopes to bring a refreshing twist and tang to the scene and the world its apart of.


Inkswel Q&A

You can put together a band of any musicians dead or alive to play at any venue – who, where, why?

Prince and The Roots together with J-Dilla on keys at the the Merrickville bowls club in Sydney would be perfect!

What music was around your house when you were growing up?

Prince, The Clash, Public Enemy, Blondie, David Bowie, Taana Gardner, Tracy Chapman, my dad has amazing taste in music

1st record you bought (or forced someone to buy you)?

First Hip Hop CD I owned was Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince’s album ‘Code Red’, my dad bought that for me (which actually has some really dope production from Pete Rock). After that I used a cousins ID to buy Wu Tang Clan ’36 Chambers’ from the CD store (it was 21 plus to buy that album due to the explicit lyrics)

Original pressing piece of vinyl you would do something shameful to own?

Any of the original James Mason stuff (even though it only properly dropped in 1997, even that release is super expensive). Or the Afro beat holy grail release by Rob. I’m a little over the value of records these days, I find it hilarious that people put such ridiculous value on a piece of plastic! music is for everyone! not just elitist wankers.

Top 10 producers of all time (any music style)?

Rick Rubin.
Dj Spinna.
J Dilla.
Larry Heard.
Kenny Dope.
Ig Culture.
Carlos Nino.

Favourite 3 music videos?

Pharcyde – Drop

Nu Shooz- I can’t wait

Run DMC- My Adidas

What’s next for you?

Inkswel & The Jungle Sessions – The Secret River – Neon Finger (featuring Randolph, John Robinson)
Inkswel & The Jungle Sessions – All The way live – Playground Records (featuring Sven Atterton)
Inkswel Vs. The Mixtapers – remixes EP – Sonar Kollektiv (featuring Illa J, Frank N Dank, Lmno)
Inxxxwel – Sativa Edits – Nettles Records
Inxxxwel – Edits – Soul Clap Records
Blu rum13 and Inkswel – Rainbows, Butterflies and Gangstas ep- Beatgeeks records
Inkswel Ep on Wotnot Records feat. Misumami
Misumami & Inkswel album
Inkswel- Astral Love feat Dwight Trible (with Simbad remix) – Nsyde Records
plus upcoming remixes of Amp Fiddler, The Bamboos, Lance Ferguson and on Soul clap records.

Greatest year for music?

Every new year. I am more amazed by the new music coming out in the last few years, every year people get more amazing and more talented, I think living in the present and future is way more important than being stuck in the past (although paying respects is obviously still important). I find new music and new approaches the most refreshing and inspiring part about this whole thing we are a part of.

Why do you make music?

For me its extending the vibration of human interaction and relationships, beyond conversation, beyond the normal interaction, creating a feeling, an emotion- something that resonates.

5 albums it should be illegal for people not to own?

Madvillain- Madvillainy
Little Dragon- self titled
Tracy Chapman- self titled
Nuyorican soul – self titled
Spacek- space shift

Most mind blowing gig you’ve been to?

Roy Ayers in a small 200 capacity club in my hometown called Rocket Bar.

Recommend 3 other works of art/artists (books, painters etc)?

Behind The Beat – Raph Rashid
Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry

In a parallel universe where anything is possible, who works on your next project with you and what is it?

I would love to work with Little Dragon, I think they are one of the most amazing pop outfits of our time and create beautifully inspiring music.

Record label you wish you started?

Stones Throw is on some next level shit!

Apart from music what do you love most?

Many things… my family, my friends, I am an advocate and activist for improving human and animal rights, cooking, street art, bicycle culture, good books.

Who is your musical inspiration?

My father, he inspired me to follow my passion in music and has always been supportive.

You can listen to one song before you get put into the Black Sleep of the Kali Ma – what do you choose?

Roy Ayers- Everybody Loves The Sunshine (The Ramp Version)

Catch ‘Planet Self’ hosted by Inkswel & Misumami on Tuesday 9th August 8-9 GMT and then the 3 following weeks – 16th, 23rd and 30th August.