Music lovers of the omniverse rejoice! We’ve picked up THE no.1 draft pick for 2016 to add even more heaviness to our Saturday evening line up and they call him ±±Ding±±.

He will be premiering his SENSITIVE SOUL show at 6PM GMT on Saturday August 6th and then cooking up an hour of the deepest soul drenched vibes every 1st and 3rd weeks of the month.


You’ll know ±±Ding±± as a beatmaker par excellence, famed for knocking out so many quality projects that you’ll probably find a sweet new album waiting on his Bandcamp page by the time you’ve finished reading this. If you’ve picked up his releases this year you’ll know his influences and soundscapes are hugely varied – his samples are drawn from all over including from Funk, RnB, Disco, Boogie and of course Soul.

With this new show he is returning to his roots having started as a DJ and serious Turntablist at 14 years of age.
Check out his recent outing as a guest curator on Dom Duchamp’s The∞Weight show for a taster of his subtle mastery of the art of mixing.

At Frission we consider ourselves oh so terribly global, but maybe no-one can lay claim to being as much of an international spread love merchant as ±±Ding±± who spent 3 years smashing out tracks from a cargo ship that was sailing round the world.

If you like your radio to resonate with the vibrations of dookie golden Hip Hop, stone cold classic soul, deep RnB and so much more, then this show is gonna knock your socks off.

It’s like Lao Tzu said .Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.