You don’t realise how much you’ve missed Dimitri Grimm, until you hear new music. The legendary artist formerly operating under the moniker Dimlite, was born not even needing a cool alias, and has returned to his given name for a new EP entitled ‘Perlissop.’

Grimm’s music is a slap up meal for your imagination – detailed, nuanced, found, felt, and truly evocative. Press play on this new project and then write down the first things that appears in between your ears… ‘Warehouse of decaying robotic parts communicate mournfully with each other as they watch the sun set for the last time?’

Every new release is both wonderfully new and familiar, like a favourite arm chair just back from the upholsterers with a fine ass new cover. His music mines that rich vein of glitchy industrial melancholy worked so beautifully through the early 2000’s by Prefuse, Telefon Tel Aviv, and Hefty Records before being prematurely abandoned to new sonic adventures. The work put into this sample-free project, at time beggars belief, but the beauty of it is that the complexity of the final product doesn’t make it overly hard to listen to, just leaves you with an invigorated sense of wonder.

Dim Grimm