One of our favourite shows is getting a name change. Jeff Michael’s ‘Blues Mind Matter’ show will forthwith be called ‘Endless Planets.’

Please don’t think you’re going mad when you, let’s say, jump on to the Frission Mixcloud to listen to this bananas brilliant Black Poetry episode and can’t find nuthin using the alphabet you thought you knew already.

Long before Blues Mind Matter, Jeff was collecting records and curating an utterly crazy out of print LP blog under his Endless Planets moniker. When we approached J to start a show, we all thought BMM sounded awesome but since then Jeff has opened his Endless Planets Record Store in his home town of St Louis, and it seems a bit crazy to not unify all of his projects under the one name.

If you are down St Louis way, you have to get to this shop on Cherokee Street. Check out the new stock on his Instagram and blog if you need convincing or read through some of the posts of his Endless Planets Blog that we serialise on the website. This Harry Case record for example is just ridiculous, and you can see it in the picture below, so empty your piggy back and make that pilgrimage to pick it up!

EP Store

We got sidetracked. So to summarise: Blues Mind Matter is now called Endless Planets. Out.