Every month we support & pay tribute to one fantastic label or collective. In July we will be all about Belgium’s magnificent Thin Consolation label. We were, of course, ready to tell you how much we love and admire this label for days, but we have the feeling they would find it distasteful, so we will try and keep the superlatives to a minimum and just offer you an exclusive 2 hour mix put together by DJ Track AKA Johann Delferiere and an interview with the crew.

Thin Constellation. What can you say? It’s the label equivalent of one of those truly annoying groups of kids in school that are athletic as gazelles, as universally magnetic as Shawn J Period and as bright as-like-500-gamma rays. It’s a powerhouse of artistic innovation going about its business in the most unassuming way possible.

11 years old now, it continues to gain momentum with an absolutely unfettered musical output that has nevertheless developed a kind of Thin Consolation steez despite itself. If you input the back catalogue into some virtual music genre name generator it may implode or dish out ‘Neon-Thrash-Wave Hi-Tech Motor-City-Dada Improv-Headnod.’ They just call it buzz, click, boom, bap if pressed.

Thin Consolation the label was begun almost by accident in 2005 by a loose but pretty damn mighty Belgian art collective known as UNREzT. The rosta is now long and strong. There’s Hermutt Lobby, who could and probably have, made the best tune you ever heard with nothing but toe-jam and a speculum, and recently devised the beatnerds dream Playground app.

There’s Azlejazz whose phenomenal album The Uplift of the Itchy Fish not only pushed the boundaries on time signatures within hiphop/beat music but also uplifted a simply staggering number of Itchy Fish.

And not to mention Cupp Cave, REPTL WINS, we could go on. Instead, we recommend that you find your way to their new and sprawling compilation called ‘Spent’ – released on May 25th on digi and furry tape.

Spawning from a visual arts crew, the covers and assorted creations that accompany Thin Consolation releases are as dope and as thought provoking as the music.QuartzThe written word is also elevated, explored and tickled – set free to weave abstract tales around each release that both mystify and demystify . Check out this self-description on their Mixcloud page:

“I’ve been asked to write a few lines to introduce you to the appropriately named “Recordings of Thin Consolation”.
I suppose some form of overture would be appropriate; the logical approach being some brief historical summary, preferably with some poignant detail to exemplify how far we’ve come, what dedication we’ve shown. The idea being that this will give you “real” insight into our fundamentally sincere motivations, conferring a veneer of authenticity to our work.
In the end we do what we do and you make it what you will. Some people drink, some collect stamps, some prefer gardening or cross dressing. This is our thing. This is our two word gesture to life as a statistic.
In case of anxiety, just infuse longer.”

or wonder at the Jodorowsky sageness of this accompanying piece to LBNHRX’s ‘ntrprttn’ album:

“Interpretation is creation; and vice versa. No one really invents anything, and no one can really explain the meaning of anything. In order to do that, one would first have to be able to understand. But as godless, uncoordinated monads, we’re merely sitting in the passenger seat of a solitary hallucination. And how can you unveil something that eludes you? At best we can have a functional misunderstanding.

I believe we just make it up as we go along. I mean, who cares what Frank Sinatra had in mind when he sang “Witchcraft”? My girlfriend feels like she’s having breakfast at Tiffany’s, and I hear someone whispering “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes” while Joe Pesci stuffs a body into the trunk of a car. So is it a rabbit, or a momentary rabbit-stage, or just an undetached rabbit-part? As long as we both think it’s food we should be able to work it out. The real issue is whether we should go hunting or will there be a storm tonight?

But just as you become the role you’re given (until you become your own caricature), and considering that things are people too, it goes without saying that things are what we make them. The object of your contemplation is purely incidental. What we see is more a mirror of ourselves than a window into another world. We’re just a lunge forward that can at times dissolve itself in the reflection of the void that it comes from. Different people, at different times, in different contexts, will have the same experience. The catalyst is incidental, what matters – really – is the reaction it generates.

So “Beauty” isn’t a noun, it’s actually an adjective, and other things than art can provoke it: anything that reveals the strangeness and distance that separates us from the parody of reality that plays itself out before our eyes, assembling pieces of time and space into a workable dream of life.”

The crew at Thin Consolation / UNREzT. have been so kind as to curate a 2 hour Label Of The Month show for Frission mixed by Johann Delferiere aka DJ Track. You can hear ‘REzT.less & Thin’ for the first time on the 5th July from 7-9PM GMT and then every Tuesday night for the month. There will also, of course be JP and US airings, check the bottom of the page for the lot.

Until then we caught up with the very funny UNREzT. squad to try and dig a bit more into their label, it’s genesis and it’s output:

Label Lore – A Q&A with UNREzT /Thin Consolation

(translation by Mnsr Fred)
What is the story of the label/collective’s birth?

We began rather traditionally by organising events in a revamped porn cinema in Namur, before relocating to a disused warehouse in Brussels. We then occupied an abandoned townhouse in the European quarter, which served as both studio and den of iniquity. Our debut release was initially planned to be a mere annex to a screen printing project. We kind of got carried away, then one thing led to another.

Who named you and why/WTF?

We did. It just sounded nice.

What is your manifesto – what are your aims?

We do our best to avoid having any.

What was your first record?

Elvis Presley ‎- Muß I Denn, Muß I Denn

What 3 tracks define the sound/intent of you label best so far?

Cupp Cave – Discrete Mathematics

Herrmutt Lobby – Baraki

LBNHRX – Functional Misunderstanding

What’s cooking?

New releases by LBNHRX, Dalcym, Herrmutt Lobby, D F L N, Mehbian, and REPTL WINS.

What has been the best moment for your label so far?

When Chantal Goret played the piano with his penis.

Who is the Diva on your label?

We all are.

How many hours a week do you spend working on your label?

As little as possible.

Recommend 3 other labels/collectives?

Now Again, MeWe/WeMe., meakusma.

In a parallel universe where anything is possible, who would contact you to do an album for your label/collective?

John Kennedy Toole

If you could bring one band back from the grave to record for you who would it be? (It can be musicians from different bands united into one super entity?

Phil Collins

Answer these questions using only music videos:
Where do you get your inspiration?

If you started your label in another decade what would it sound like?

Find out more about the art of Thin Consolation


TH!N00 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com
TH!N01 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com
TH!N02 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com
TH!N04 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com
TH!N05 Odaka www.warmgeometry.be
TH!N07 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com
TH!N08 Oréli www.aureliehenquin.com
TH!N09 Ayrton Panda
TN!N10 Camille
TH!N13 Odaka www.warmgeometry.be
TH!N14 Madame Chän www.hublechat.org
TH!N15 St. Joss vs Cupp Cave www.stephanejossart.com vs pizzza.tumblr.com
TH!N16 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com
TH!N19 Odaka www.warmgeometry.be
TH!N20 Laurent Baudoux
TH!N21 Joost Jansen www.joostjansen.be
TH!N20 Laurent Baudoux www.instagram.com/downtownladoux/16 04 10
TH!N22 Cosmokidz Interstellart
TH!N26 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com
TH!N27 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com
11 08 07 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com
13 10 07 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com
22 11 08 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com
27 03 09 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com
16 04 10 Oréli www.aureliehenquin.com
24 06 11 St. Joss www.stephanejossart.com

Thin Consolation Label Of The Month ‘REzT.less & Thin Mix’ full schedule.

UK 1 : Tuesday 5th July from 7-9PM GMT then 12th, 19th, 26th.
JP 1 : Thursday 7th July from 6-8PM JP then 14th, 21st, 28th. UK time 9-11 AM.
US 1 : Sunday 10th July from 9-11PM LA then 17th, 24th, 31st. UK time 5-7 AM.