A lot of words have been written about Robert Hood and his various ventures. Last year he celebrated 20 years of his ‘M-Plant’ record label and has released 5 albums in the last 6 years as well as numerous EPs and remixes. He has always been associated with the city of Detroit, minimal techno, dubby and deep dance music experiments (‘Monobox’) and loopy disco-techno releases (‘Floorplan’).

Robert Hood intro

Robert’s unique sound has emerged from the music of Detroit mixed with Funk, Soul, Disco and Hip-Hop. He was born in the mid 1960s and has been active in the music scene since the 1980s. Robert Hood has had an enormous impact on countless DJs and producers of the electronic dance music scene worldwide.

Minimal nationOne of those Robert Hood enlightenments was obviously the “Internal Empire”, a double LP on Tresor in 1994, and the same goes for the “Minimal Nation”, a record released the same year. The minimalistic aesthetics of Hood’s techno catch you from the very first track of each record. A minimalism that has nothing to do with what everyone call ‘minimal’ years later, more of a loop-techno with a funky soul than a senseless Berlin-minimalism like that of the early 2000s.

On another tip, his DJ style has possibly an even bigger influence than his music production. His fast mixing, the 130+ BPM and an incredible musical intuition which he uses when highlighting different parts of the tracks still blow minds of thousands young DJs worldwide. Robert Hood is a milestone of techno and house music and his albums are landmarks of modern electronic dance music.

FloorplanDue to a recent Floorplan release of Robert & Lyric Hood’s “Victorious” LP, this Thursday’s whole ‘Orbiting Giants’ radio show will be dedicated to the unique sound and incredible talent of Robert Hood. Needless to say that Jonas Orbiting is one of those happy DJs who has almost the complete Robert Hood record collection at his studio.

Tune in Thursday 30th June // 15:00 Detroit // 21:00 Berlin on Frission Radio.