Lecture @ The Jimbocho Record School

The School of Vinyl Records is a project to be created just for one day at Jimbo-cho – “The City of Old Vinyl” in order for the young generation to learn everything about vinyl records.

The school will teach the beginner how to use vinyl, treat vinyl the right way, dig into the most obscure vinyl shops at Jimbo-cho and much more. Everything from the basics to what you need as an experienced vinyl collector.

There will be a listening session after return to the school, including digging into the grooviest tunes. Additionally, after the programme, everyone who wants can stay for a masterclass of vinyl sampling and see how Hip-Hop beats are created.

This programme will show the unlimited possibilities of the vinyl record in the modern world just in one day.

Leader of the programme is a famous manga artist Yujiro Koyama. His popular comics “Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou” has been included in Shonen Jump comics (“Naruto”, “Dragon Ball Z”, etc.). Moreover, “Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou” has now been televised as Anime too.

lecturer_1          Other lecturers are Yuichi Kishino (Taipei Rare Groove, Dublab Radio) and Masamichi Baba (Kiki Record, owner). Linn Mori and Pigeondust (beatmaker / producer, En Tokyo) will show how to dig into vinyl and how to use it right.


kiki recordpigeon dust



How to buy a vinyl record, Part 1 : Beginner & the manners at the vinyl store.

What is an SP vinyl?

How to buy a vinyl record, Part 2 : digging spirit, talk session of the vinyl collectors.

Outdoor activity : buying a vinyl together.

Lesson on how to use the vinyl right.


Yuichi Kishino


Toru Hori

Masamichi Baba

Yujiro Koyama

Linn Mori etc.


2016, July 3rd (SUN) from 11:00 to 19:00



2nd Fuji bulding 3rd floor, 2-20 Jimbo-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan


¥ 2500

レクチャー // 神保町レコード学校







あげ太郎の作者、小山ゆうじろう先生や、KIKI RECORDオーナーの馬場さんがレコードの面白さ、買い方や取り扱い方 等々を教えるレクチャーをします。私も講師として出演する予定です。








講 師:岸野雄一、Pigeondust、保利透、馬場正道、小山ゆうじろう ほか

日 時:2016年7月3日(日)11:00~19:00

会 場:美学校(地図)