On Sunday June 19th at 20:00 Frission will broadcast an exclusive first listen to the incredible new album by Blameful Isles accompanied by an illuminating commentary by the main man behind the project – Daniel Israelson.

Blameful Isles are back with an incredible new record to be released through Urban Waves on the 24th June. The jazz epic ‘Strange But Not Entirely Unattractive’ will transport you once again into their deep inner universe.


This is the follow up album and fourth project in the Blameful Isles series by multi-instrumentalist, beatmaker and composer, Daniel Israelson. For the past five or so years, he has been mastering new instruments and perfecting his song writing skills at a crazy pace.

Blameful Isles Studio

It’s no surprise then, that this new album is even bigger and bolder than the last, with more musicians, more improvisation and the whole thing recorded live! As ever the project is sonic fiction of the highest quality, packed with ornate and evocative imagery and storytelling.

The first two killer singles from the project were released last month to the sound of much jaw drop. Now we have the opportunity to listen, one week before its official release date, to the whole album from beginning to end, as nature intended.


On Sunday the 19th June from 8-9 PM GMT Frission Radio will be broadcasting the exclusive Blameful Isles Premiere Show and also featuring commentary from Daniel from Blameful Isles, explaining the genesis and execution of the incredible project.

That’s Sunday 19th June at 20:00 your Earth hours.
You can also pre-order the album through Bandcamp and get the two singles now to wet your whistle.