Here’s a mad nice and obscure funk/reggae/soul from Macolm’s Locks led by St Lucia born lead singer Malcolm Magaron (Former singer of the Les Humphrie’s Singers.)

The band released just one album ‘Caribbean Rock’ which spawned two singles in 1975 & 1976. The Lock’s were eight members deep and included Jamaica Papa Curvin (not to be confused with Iceland Papa Curvin presumably.) Songwriting credits go to Magaron and Anthony Flaverney with German/Romanian producer Peter Herbolzheimer on arranger duties.

The album was originally pressed and released by the Happy Bird label in Germany which contributes to its rarity, it includes a super heavy heavy version of Bob Marley’s ‘Get Up Stand Up.’

Get Up Stand Up 4:03
Till The End Of My Days 3:24
Motherless Child 3:27
When The Good Lord Sends An Angel 3:18
Na Na Na 3:29
Caribbean Rock 3:18
Time 4:04
Why Can’t We Be Together 3:13
Jesus On My Mind 5:21
Brown Girl 3:31

Unearthed by Satoru Sadisco – The Sadisco show.