Constellations Radio is proud to present an exclusive mix from Louisiana’s Zetroc on this weeks show. There’s little known about this Louisiana Producer and all round music man, but what we do know is that he has talent in abundance!

Here we showcase his debut album Atrophy and give our loyal Frission listeners a chance to purchase this beautiful record. With influences from Kate Bush to Steely Dan to Madlib and Joni Mitchell, expect something that takes you on an intelligent journey of textures through music. It’s an album that can’t really be put into a genre and that’s why we love it. Haunting vocals with gently sprinkled percussion ensures to capture fans of ambient and Neo-soul styles whilst still keeping it interesting for the jazz and rock heads.

So skip over to Bandcamp to see what you’re missing out on and whilst your at it, you can catch Zetroc’s exclusive mix for Will Mcgiven’s Constellations show on Friday 3rd June 22:00 GMT. Definitive Free Form Music.