We are mighty glad to bring tidings that Canadian DIY  Cassette label Inner Ocean Records will be taking charge of our June Residency slot. Label owner, harbinger of new tape-game talent and all round top fella Cory Giordano will be unleashing a squad of Inner Ocean luminaries for an hour show each week. Expect the absolute finest in meditative headnod and much more to soothe, invigorate and otherwise bring joy to your hypothalamus.

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The label has been bossing it from an HQ in the beautiful Calgary since 2012, putting out some of the finest looking and sounding Walkman provisions out there. It’s is the home for a global community of some of the most dexterous beatsmiths, rappers and more to boot, including bsd.u, Fly Anakin, Lord Apex and Awlnight, releasing on some high bias limited tape cassettes – that’s right, something beautiful to touch and feel and adore.

Inner Ocean Futures

Cory will take the first show on Wednesday 8th June. His mix will be followed by guest slots each following week by the brilliant Luviia, king of feels BILO 503 and Brother Mynor who just released one of this years best albums on IO.

We can’t wait to see what they have in store and we posed Cory some questions to help you get to know him and his special imprint in the run up to June. Scroll to the bottom of the interview for the full details on show dates and times.

What is the story of the label/collective’s birth?

Inner Ocean was created by myself (Cory Giordano) while I was overseas in Denmark visiting a friend. I had a lot of time to walk around a new place with some fresh energy while planning to build a new label that would include elements I felt were missing with some labels I had worked with in the past. Thinking back to that time I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but as many things in life, the label evolved into something way more than I could have imagined in those early days.


Who named you and why/WTF?

I named the label, thinking about my hometown in-between the mountains and prairies of Canada, being inside a large ocean of open space and land. The name also fit with the ambient music that we were releasing in the beginning days, but I think still fits today as I always imagine music to be this endless depth within ourselves.

What is your manifesto – what are your aims?

Our goal from the beginning was to be a platform to support artists in any way we could, to build integrity and community, allow things to happen organically and naturally. I think most importantly is no matter how big the label becomes, to always maintain the small scale mentality – do what we do best and keep it chill.

Tell us about your City & how it shaped you?

I’m based out of Calgary, Alberta, a bit of an isolating place. Close to lots of nature and vast open spaces. There is a lot of vibrant energy in this city which has been great, I know a lot of people doing really cool things that has acted as an inspiration. Though, this city sometimes feels like a big small town and thus I ended up spending a lot of time on my computer connecting with people from far off places who were into similar things, which is basically exactly what this label has been all about.

What was your first record?

The very first release in September of 2012 was my own, a little EP I had made the year previous. I was very reluctant to release my own album and it was the last thing I’ve put out since.

What tracks define the sound/intent of you label/collective best so far?

Any track from Brother Mynor’s “Celebrities Doing Thaangs”. When Sam first sent me his album the music immediately blew me away, so well done with such a unique sound… then I laughed my ass off at his track titles!

I feel we often get lumped into the broad category of lo-fi hip hop… though I think if you listen closely to our catalog you’ll find a lot of quality sounds that spans a wide spectrum beyond just lo-fi.

What’s cooking?

In the past few months we have been getting so much good stuff sent our way that we are releasing something new every 2 weeks at least just to keep up. Coming up soon we’ve got releases by Akeedro, Lowranger, Rhakim Ali, Henneysee, Eets, 8reg, lucky.s and another bsd.u!

What has been the best moment for your label so far?

The best moments are when people get their tapes in the mail and they’re super hyped on them. We get a lot of emails from people telling us how much they love what we are doing, which is always awesome to hear since sharing great music is what it’s all for.

Who is the Diva on your label?

Ha! I would never out some one, but seriously everyone has been pretty easy to work with!

How many hours a week do you spend working on your label?

Outside of my jobs as a coffee roaster and the occasional photography gig, I spend most of my remaining hours working on Inner Ocean. Sometimes I am up at 7am dubbing tapes, then go to work and come home and dub tapes all night haha. I think if I totalled it up I probably spend at least 30-40 per week.

Recommend 3 other labels/collectives?

The two labels that provided a ton of inspiration when I started was 12k and Ghostly International, both have been putting out solid work for years which is what I hope Inner Ocean can do!

I think Nick from Nekubi Tapes is doing some wicked stuff, and there has been some solid work coming out of Radio Juicy and Leaving Records.

In a parallel universe where anything is possible, who would contact you to do an album for your label/collective?

I’m a mega fan of Ohbliv’s music, maybe one day we can work on a project together:)

If you could bring one band back from the grave to record for you who would it be? (It can be musicians from different bands united into one super entity?


Answer these questions using only music videos:
Where do you get your inspiration?

If you started your label in another decade what would it sound like?

Inner Ocean Residency Dates and Time slots in full

If you are at home with Cory in Alberta, you can catch the first airing of each mix at 8pm Weds 8th June followed each week, same time on 15th, 22nd and 29th.

If you are in the UK that involves staying up til 2am Thursday or catching the UK replays on Sundays at 6pm GMT – so that’s 12th, 19th, 26th of June and 7th July.

For our Japanese family it’s Tuesdays at 8PM.

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