Spain’s Orbe – DJ and label head of Orbe Records, has produced his debut LP for Coherence, a vinyl only sublabel of the Be As One Imprint. Kepler 438 (the name of a star in the constellation of Lyra, 500 light years away from Earth) is Orbe´s first double 12“ containing 7 tracks that maneuver between music for the club and a concept album style steeped in the vibrations of the cosmos, deep galaxys, and space exploration.

13016409_1684181948507582_714164177_oThere are strictly no fillers or ambient transitions to be found here, in fact only two tracks don´t start with a kick drum! The sound design is minimal, referencing the melancholic, dreamy and sometime wistful synth lines of Detroit and Berlin´s 1990s functional and iconic techno aesthetics.

Although Orbe (Spanish for globe) is a relative newcomer to releasing his own music, this music stands up alongside label mates Eduardo de la Calle and Shlomi Aber who founded the Be As One Imprint. His music is thoughtful but still dancefloor focused. Tracks like „A fright on the ground while you sleep“ or „Bottom of Juno“ could fit easily into harder and faster techno sets and will no doubt be picked up by the big names in the techno scene.

The key strength of Orbe´s debut is in the mastering which combines a unique approach expressing the spacey theme with a trademark signature which is still compatible enough to be classified as modern techno music. Never repellent, always warm and inviting without being too obvious, Orbe has created a soundtrack to discover both basements and foreign planets.

1. a1: Kepler 438, where everyone is equal

2. a2 Draining, pause & present

3. b1: A fright on the ground while you sleep

4. b2: Bottom of Juno

5. c1: Aphex planet

6. d1: Gyration to detroit on a place called earth

7. d2: Looking to disco solar

Reviewed by Jonas Orbiting – The Orbiting Giants Show

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