Residencies are a brand new feature on Frission. Beginning in April we will be approaching DJ’s & artists we love and offering them carte blanche to curate a series of exclusive shows throughout the month.

To start proceedings with a suitable fanfare we are incredibly pleased that N.Y Beatmaker extraordinaire Marquice Turk aka .ewonee (thee beatnik) will make his Frission Residency debut on the 5th April. He will be kicking off a bi-weekly show called ‘in thee field.’


Since November 2013’s Bandcamp debut ‘UNITY’ ewonee. has self-released 14 albums of his own distinct brand of dusty, soulfully off kilter hip-hop.

In 2014 he teamed up with the gifted rapper Stanley Ipkuss with stunning effect on ‘.indefinite’, which as the years go by is establishing itself as one of the best Hip Hop albums of that ‘Soundcloud generation’.

This year he has being leading the way amoung young beat-makers once again by making an album free of loops and samples, the beautiful ‘Radiance’ which came out on Beat Haus.


‘In thee field’ Ewonee’s Frission debut will kick off on Tuesday April 5th at 11pm GMT followed by a show on the 19th April. The U.S replays will go out at 6pm LA time on Saturdays and the Japanese squad can check it out at 10pm on Thursdays. The show will be a mix of new beats, breaks and nuggets from Marcquice’s record collection & we can’t wait, especially as we have sampled his knack for curation and a frisson for throwing out some serious surprises, when he guested on Dom Duchamp’s Weight show last year:

After N.Y we sent out a bat signal to Berlin where Isa Wolff has been curating the finest stripped down and heartfelt electronic mixes. Isa eschews the fearsome minimalism you might expect from a straight dance-floor techno DJ.

Instead, with her new project for Frission called ‘sans serif’ she will be bringing the curtain down on our packed electronic night with a set of ornamental deep electronic music.

We have her recent mix for Wolkig music on repeat to keep us happy until the start of her residency on the 7th April. If you are listening GMT you can catch her from 11 ’til midnight. It’s 6pm Tuesday PDT and if you are tuning in from Tokyo you can catch her at 10pm after the mighty Orbiting Giants show.

Isa Wolff Frission Residency