Imagine you’re starting a record collection from scratch. In THE Record Collection – we’re asking some infamous diggers; people who eat, sleep and drink music – to build it for you – one piece and one week at a time.

#008 Herbie Hancock ‘Fat Albert Rotunda’

Label: Warner Bros.

Year: 1969

Chosen by DJ Gonza (Valentin Silchenko)

Fat Albert Rotunda was released in 1970 by legendary jazz keyboardist Herbie Hancock. It was his eighth album and here Hancock changes his style radically and takes instrumental soul music rather than jazz as the basis of his compositions.

“I grew up as a DJ playing Jungle and Drum and Bass music. Later growing up as a person I moved on to Funk music, and I thought this is as far as I go in the non digital music world. Until I got myself this record.”

It was very easy to listen to, however the melodies were really beautiful and sophisticated. This is what got me in and later I started to listen to Hancock’s other albums and Jazz music as a whole. I was really impressed and for a long time I started my DJ sets with a “Wiggle-Waggle” the first track of the album. It became my personal mascot, the guarantee of my and my audience’s good mood. And it worked every time! Next time you have a day off – just put this record on, relax and think only about the good stuff!

Chosen by DJ GONZA (Valentin Silchenko) Estonian DJ and record collector