Check out this immense collabo between Japanese experimental label Flau, Berlin/Cologne label Jakarta and BRRWD the Photography/Beatmaking project of Ta-ku & Repeat Pattern.

The release is the beginning of a 10″ series that is as much a photographic series as a music focused one. A carefully curated selection of images and dirty loops.

No One Else's – Repeat Pattern x Ta-ku from brrwd on Vimeo.

The two pre-release tracks are up for your delectation. There’s Repeat & Ta-ku’s ‘No One Else’s’ pretty slice of broken belt drive nonchalance & the similarly twinkly flute siphon of ‘primm’by Submerse and Asano + Ryuhei that unravels into the illest bitstream of gently tumbling drums.

Some other very dope team ups too, including Submerse v abhi/dijon, plus joints from Dil Withers and a beautifully textured cymbal bash from Fitz Ambrose!

Some fine curation by Taku and Repeat Pattern that stays true to the modus operandi pinned to the top of their Twitter account ‘Less about genre and more about feel’

Try and cop a CD if you can for 3 x bonus tracks from tropico, repeat pattern x broke/ & eevee.

brrwd love

Artist: V.A.
Album: BRRWD Love vol.1
Label: flau
Product URL:
Pre-Order URL:
Cat#: FRAUR25
Release Date: March 25th, 2016
Format: CD/Digital/10″
Genre: BEATS