Inner Ocean are back with another burst of mellow mellow right on from Brother Mynor. ‘Celebrities Doing Thaangs’ sounds like it was made in the chill out room of some orgy between forest creatures and aging 80’S backing singers. It’s total vibes – warm and kaplunky like water falling through a rainforest canopy onto the remains of a bunch of wooden spaceships.

Get yours on a suitably clear emerald green //C40 & laugh your arse off at the track listing while you taste the groove drops:


A1 Tom Cruise Eats a Continental Breakfast
A2 Leo Dicaprio Rides Off Into The Sunset
A3 Winona Ryder Finishes Community Service
A4 Nic Cage Takes Control Of The Situation
A5 Ellen Page Ties Herself To A Redwood (w/ Bilo 503)
A6 Jennifer Aniston Finishes A Long Bath (w/ uhhnon)
A7 LL Cool J Don’t Need No Title (w/ mndbd)
A8 Shia Lebouef Enjoys A Morning Bowl Of Wheaties (w/ Borealism)
A9 Eddie Murphy Drives To Burger King

B1 Keanu Reeves Just Does His Thaang (w/ Mt Marcy)
B2 Liv Tyler Will Still Watch All The Credits
B3 Morgan Freeman Is Most Likely Omnipotent
B4 Natalie Portman Goes On Safari (w/ slr)
B5 David Duchovny Hides In A Broom Closet
B6 Justin Long Tries To Access His Voicemail (w/ dweeb)
B7 Elijah Wood Doesn’t Put Vinyl Back In The Sleeve (w/ mactopus)
B8 Drew Barrymore Watches Saturday Morning Cartoons (w/ ojmacoj)
B9 Julia Roberts Damages Her Floorboards