Physical music product is irreplaceable. Almost no one has the money or the patience to press up the beloved vinyl, so by necessity cassettes are cool again. A lot of people over 35 are now officially distraught that they ditched their cassingles collection. Not so, New Jersey high school teacher David W. Niven who compiled and kept 650 tapes [over 1000 hours) of Jazz music ranging from trad to ragtime and swing, covering Bop, Post Bop, Hard Bop and more. There’s something to tickle even the most feckless jazz cat’s fancy, for example, the astounding piano genius of Art Tatum

The beautiful block chords of Bill Evans

The whole collection including the liner cards has been donated by his foundation and then uploaded for your wistful pleasure here.


Chosen by Moonlight Sonata – Chambre Froide show