Check out Kutiman’s amazing Youtube cut’n’paste free jazz opus called ‘OFF GRID.’ It’s a brilliant and epic undertaking. Respect.

We are proud to share with you the latest Kutiman creation, OFF GRID, an ode to freedom and experimentation in Jazz music and its exquisite colorfulness.

In this new work, Kutiman utilizes his unique method of carefully blanketing together YouTube users’ original content into one natural and cohesive audio-visual experience. This time around, Kutiman plays with the concept of expanded time, musical complexity and intricate layering while adding special visual effects to create a new perspective of the Jazz genre.

Off Grid is presented as one long-running musical piece. This virtual jam takes the listener on a journey through sounds and colors, a true melting pot of various influences from international musical soundscapes. The improvisation itself is a Free Jazz opus, capturing multiple styles, sounds, and cultures in a single musical adventure.’