Here we go with another addition to our burgeoning rosta. We’re proud to welcome Moscow-based electronic musician Alexander Babaev aka Rekord 61 – who launched phenomenal Berlin-based Konstruktiv Imprint in 2012.

Rekord 61 has worked with some great artists including Radio Slave, Perc, Rolando, Spencer Parker, Unbalance, Anstam, Phon.o. Konstruktiv was originally a platform for his solo works. Since then, it has evolved into a proper techno label of note, with talented artists like Robert S (PT), Kevin de Vries, Kitkatone, Shkedul, KVD, BuRu and others – artists who will have a hand in defining the future of techno music in the next few years.

Check out Rekord 61’s Sverh EP which was licensed by Fabric and appeared on Fabric 83 by Joris Voorn.

Alexander will be roaring into our Monday nights with his Programma concept – hosting one show a month and allowing a guest to take the reins for another. The Konstruktiv/Programma Show will kick off at 19:00 GMT on March 7th with some larruping deep techno no doubt!

Rekord 61

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