Black Acre have announced Commodo’s ‘How What Time’ Album.

We’re up for this! It’s due on April 8th. Here’s what Black Acre has to say about it.
“One of the UK underground’s best-regarded producers returns with his debut album for Black Acre! Commodo experiments with a variety of underground elements, with components of hip-hop, grime, dubstep, and more in the mix.

Continuing to add a thoughtful touch to the deeper ends of UK bass music, his album sees Commodo create deeply meditative jams that harness a raw energy and sub-bass power. Made in several different places in the UK, Turkey and Germany, ‘How What Time’ sees Commodo fuse the UK’s raw and vibrant grime and hip-hop scene, as heard in the fierce and murky soundscapes of Itchin with an unmistakeable vocal from Trim. The album’s standout track Set It Straight features Croydon’s fast-rising rapper-beatmaker Rocks FOE. Commodo blends Madlib-style hip-hop beats with the fierce spirit of grime.

When making his album he sought to strike a balance between a sample-heavy, rap style sound palette and the energy of the 140bpm based music he’s always been a part of. From the tough bass weight of his dancefloor-leaning productions to the tonally rich and immersive qualities of the album’s more intricate tracks, How What Time maintains a resounding freshness.”