The Vaporwave 2k15 Essentials Guide project just released a new infographic detailing the who’s who and what’s what of the Vaporwave genre and subgenres.

The extensive list was compiled with the help of contributors from the Vaporwave community (artists and people generally related to the genre) including Frission Radio host, Baconwaveラジオ.
“This project was made in ‘The Vape Council’ – a private Facebook group of about 200 people, artists, label owners, promoters and people directly related to the scene, with an artistic angle. I’ve seen people complaining (mostly on reddit) about their albums not being on the list or being upset because “it’s an elitist project”. But this is nothing official, our aim is to give people the chance to dig more music and learn more about the genre.” – Baconwave.
You can grab the high resolution image here.

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Vaporwave Essential Guide

Image design by BALENTsバランス