Sexteto Juventu – Mala
Velvet – LPV-1447
Venezuela, 1968

Salsa Venezolana Sexteto Juventud from Caracas/Venezuela were formed in 1962. Leader of the band is a legendary singer and timbales player Carlos “Tabaco” Quintana. Although they have a quite authentic Latin “Clave” music style – Mambo, Son, Boloro, Pachanga, guaguanco, they add generous helpings of psychedelic vibes to their music and album covers. They have released music on a number of labels including Venezuelan Record label ”Velvet” and a few Colombian Labels “Disco Fuentes” and “Sonolux” etc

This is their second of over 15 albums ‘Mala’ released on Velvet records in Venezuela and Colombia in 1968.

Unearthed by Sadisco – The Sadisco Show