Although Harry Case has remained in obscurity, this album in particular has recently caused quite a buzz within the record collecting community, especially among vaporwave heads hunting for the dearth of early MTV outcasts. The second and what appears to be the last of Harry Case’s releases as a leader on the indie Ichiban label out of Atlanta, ‘In A Mood‘ exhibits a downtempo mix of breezy synth, electronic drumming and lo-fi guitar with Case’s occasionally looping vocals that could easily fit into the Music From Memory or Peoples Potential Unlimited catalog (perhaps there’s even a reissue in the making already?). This obscure lp shows Case building on the electronic funk sound he had already crafted a year earlier on ‘Magic Cat’, even reformatting some guitar progressions from the first session e.g. ‘Easy Vamp’ to ‘Midnight Samba’, but ‘In A Mood’ fits together much more coherently as the songs blend seamlessly into one another for a vapory lo-fi synth-folk-funk atmosphere. From my best guess though, ‘Electric’ Mann and the rest of the personnel here are aliases by Case, but maybe someone down in Georgia can verify Casio Bhito as a premier bass player around Atlanta in the late 80s. Other than the two lps and a 12″ ‘Niagara’ single, Case’s short-lived career was rounded out by some session work on guitar but nothing quite as mysteriously cheesy yet melodically ethereal as ‘In a Mood’. Perhaps you can still find Case playing guitar somewhere around Decatur, GA; maybe he’s even hard at work on the next vaporwave masterpiece.

Unearthed By Jeff MichaelBlues Mind Matter Show

Harry Case – In A Mood
Ichiban Records – ICH 1037
US, 1989

A1 Ride ‘Em Off
A2 Native Drums
A3 Chasing The Goon
A4 Quick-Wire
A5 Jam (At Your Party)
A6 Carry Me Home
B1 Midnight Samba
B2 In A Mood
B3 Air Dancer
B4 Mother-San

Harry Case – guitar, vocals
Tex Awonzee – piano, wind instruments
Casio Bhito – bass, sub-tone image
‘Foot’ Lawson – drum set, native drums, lseekawaytoo, percussion
‘Electric’ Mann – symphony, effects

Harry Case In A Mood

Harry Case In A Mood