Imagine you’re starting a record collection from scratch. In THE Record Collection – we’re asking some infamous diggers; people who eat, sleep and drink music – to build it for you – one piece and one week at a time.

#005 Novi Singers ‘Bossa Nova’ Label: Polskie Nagrania Year: 1967 Chosen by ewonee.

“My choice is a hard onee, it’s like picking your favorite kid, but I would have to go with the album ‘Bossa Nova‘ by the Novi Singers. It’s a record I found early on in my digging, it was unearthed at a local record store for a dollar with a white cover that just said POLISH JAZZ. Not only is it important to me because it started my foreign record binge but the record store I bought it from is notoriously overpriced, so finding the mono first pressing of that album for a dollar was a absolute steal. It’s such a greatly arranged album too, from happy almost danceable based bossa nova to moody vocal scat based jazz tunes that Poland is known for, so that also made it an awesome pick up. A track to look for is ‘One Must Return’ or ‘Trzeba Wracać.’
Chosen by ewonee
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