Here we go with more nourishment for that tape player you’re glad your pops kept in the attic.
French label My Bags is loading up some serious ammunition for 2016 and continues to impress with this EP of pendulous SP boom bap from Chilean beatnerd Daniel Oudies.

‘In his second release on My Bags, a follow up to “Postmodernidad”, Oudies has refined his sound crafting, drum precision and vocabulary. Using the less is more formula the young fellow from Santiago has found the key to encourage the immersion into self. Like pieces of meditation each Oudies recording is a direct reflection of his emotions. Simplicity at its best, sometimes just moving around a sample, his story is captivating. Idas y Vueltas left us inspired. As the title suggests it brings the listener into a movement of to and fro between introspection and expression.’

Oudies words:
“Idas y Vueltas is the soundtrack to my thinking process – a reflection on situations
that represent “us” in this era. There are impulses that define us, from the depths, from the complexity of the being to the ultimate breath of the Universe.ยป

Pre-order date: January 14th 2016
Release date: February 15th 2016