Once again! Testtoon Records has released another distinctive piece of electronic music. Last year they released Michael Fahres excellent ‘Tibataje’s’ LP – an auditive study about El Hierro (an island of the Canary Islands group.) On January 21st Sova Stroj’s upcoming LP Silent Earth arrives containing four beautiful pieces of contemplative dark ambient tunes. Check out the tracks on Testtoon’s Bandcamp page.\

Posted by Tobi HewerOrbiting Giants Show

‘Sova Stroj’s debut album ‘Silent Earth’ explores feelings of willful desertion through forty minutes of highly concentrated and almost teleologically dark ambient patterns.
‘Silent Earth’ is essentially an album about love and the desire to define that love as transcending time and space. It is a beautifully thoughtful and evocative ambient record that plays with emotional signifiers in such a way as to lay bare a highly personal sentiment. When you pronounce the word silence you have already destroyed that same silence.’