Firecracker hit one out of the park with Antonio Marini’s Healing Force Project. The Gravitational Lensing EP (released on the 15th of January) carries on where Alex Attias and particularly his Bel-Air Project left off in 1998, marrying muted trumpets and skittering technoid drum n bass programming, with a cluster of film-noir suspense chords. Sounds bloody good.

‘It’s always been tricky predicting what Firecracker Recordings will release next, though few would have expected an EP of freestyle, darkside drum machine jazz and percussive drone from Berceuse Heroique, Nous and Bedouin regular Healing Force Project. Sounding like early 23 Skidoo replayed on drum machines and samplers, there’s much to admire about the hectic rhythms, foreboding textures and dusty samples at the heart of Gravitational Lensing. It’s unclassifiable and completely out there, paranoid, dense and intense, with the fizzing drums, mangled horns and metallic percussion hits of “Random Walks” just edging out the experimental jungle-jazz madness of “Apophenia” in the “top tracks” stakes.’