Time for the third installment of Krill‘s sureshot “Habitat” series. Various artists including Stanislav Tolkachev‘s trademark bizarre and abstract sound, I/Y´s hard hitting track “IUD”, a deep and dark atmospheric techno excursion from +Plattform and closing with Stefan Vincent´s bleepy outer-space tool. Out on January 19th.

Posted by Jonas Orbiting – Orbiting Giants.

In the words of Giulia Baroni:
‘It’s well into Autumn in Berlin and despite the advancing cold over the roofs and on the skin, the season promises to be explosive, like a firework in midsummer. After KRL009 – the Krill Music Remix Series Vol 1 released in early October, it’s time for the Argentinian-Norwegian label – now based in Berlin – to present a new and exciting volume of the Habitat Series.
The last Habitat Krill Music Series release was in 2012. Now, after a constellation of artists have forged new paths and explored new horizons during the past three years, the label nostalgically revisits the past with a new Habitat Series Collection. This time, the series sees a superb four-fold vinyl package release of new works from new artists which demands close attention.
From Berlin to the US through Argentina, Ukraine, Italy, Norway, Netherlands and many more, 16 artists have created 16 tracks all (across 4 EPs), all with one common goal: to highlight uncompromising techno reflecting the musical quality of its protagonists.
Once again Krill Music takes command of the shuttle towards another sonic dimension, a complicated journey to the limits of sound where mesmerising melodies act like the songs of sirens, through obscure and dense jungle foliage where the sunlight is rare and the night reigns. So with seat-belts fastened, onto the latest release…

Part III is a four track EP which is instinctively explosive. The EP features four dance floor killers that will warm the hearts of even the most melancholic. Tolkachev, the duo I / Y, + plattform and Stefan Vincent are the parties responsible for bringing us the prologue of the series and they don’t disappoint.

Part III of this Series features:

Side A
A1: Stanislav Tolkachev – How To Deal With A Bad Trip
A2: I/Y – IUD

From Ukraine with love, Stanislav Tolkachev opens Habitat Series Part III with ‘How To Deal With A Bad Trip’. Once again the Ukranian producer reminds us of his unmistakable sound. Driven by evocative and emotional tones but at the same time psychedelic and stomping, Tolkachev takes us into distant and unattainable synth worlds.

The A2 side is crafted by the Berlin-based techno duo I/Y. ‘IUD’ is a track featuring a powerful baseline and a heavy kick drum, two elements designed to heat and energise the dancefloor. Jacking, booming techno, hot even, just what’s needed (and especially) in the coldest places.

Side B
B1: +Plattform – Signal
B2: Stefan Vincent – No Other Way But Down

The flip side features the Norwegian producer +Plattform. Delivering another solid tune, with ‘Signal’ he brings on an astonishing, relentlessly powerful and deeply mesmerising techno track, equipt for even the darkest atmospheres.

Stefan Vincent is charged with putting the final mark on Part III. The dutch producer offers up ‘No Other Way But Down’, an explosion of deep and twitchy tones, energising, minimal, raw and grainy sequencers remain constant for the duration of the piece. Another banging track which perfectly completes the EP.

But this is not the end: Krill Music will be back before you know it with chapter IV of the Habitat Series bringing proper techno flows to your neighbourhood. Stay tuned.’