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thirtyseventy is a soul collective from Melbourne, Australia.

Allysha Joy – Voice
Thomas ‘Tang’ Mansfield – Guitar, Synthesizers
Jarrod ‘Jam-Master’ Chase – Fender Rhodes
Henry ‘Hazy’ Hicks – Electric Bass, Synthesizers (Muff Bender)
Zeke ‘Ziggy’ Ruckman – Drums (Salmon Slap)
Nathaniel ‘Uncle’ Sametz – Trombone
Reuben ‘The Renegade’ Lewis – Trumpet
Danika ‘Dee’ Smith- Backing vocals on ‘Local Knowledge’ and ‘For You’.
Joel Trigg – Keyboards on ‘The Sauce’

Extended Family:
Tiaryn Griggs, Oliver Paterson, Reuben Legge, Hutch Crew, Kellett Crew, Joli Badman, Day Spa Studios,
Photography – Rhys Newling
Cover Font – Callum Riley

Tracking @ VCA studios, Engineered by Lachlan Wooden
Mixed by 30/70
Mastered by Simon Lam

December 2015 Moontown Records