Before Misha Panfilov’s Funked Up East became an incredible, unique show here on Frission – it was (and remains) one of Youtube’s finest and devotedly subscribed music channels.
Since 2011 Misha’s modus operandi has been to unearth obscure music made in Eastern Europe between 1950 and 1990. Music from these communist countries was hidden from the rest of the world for decades and is only now becoming available for everyone’s ears.
We’re serializing Funked Up East here in the Frission Magazine to help proliferate these lost wonder and to help all music lovers make the right choices whether digging in a pile of old records in Prague, Budapest or Minsk.

#002 – Vadim Lyudvikovskiy Ensemble – Waltz (jazz / library, 1968, USSR)

Artist: Vadim Lyudvikovskiy Ensemble (Ансамбль Вадима Людвиковского)
Track: Waltz (Вальс)
Сomposed by Mikael Tariverdiev (Микаэл Таривердиев)