Totally missed this and then found it on Piccadilly Records end of year lists. This is BE (Garth Be)’s 2nd album and it’s as brilliant at the first. If you are into Moodymann & Floating Points you’ll find familiarity here, it’s a kind of Detroit Beatdown via Manchester and it is eminently satisfying.

Here’s the write up from the Piccadilly site (great record shop if you are ever in Manchester)
“Garth Be, MPC-wizard and dusty-digitted-digger forges more timeless grooves and encourages further mindscape exploration on this second Sweetsticky full-length. Toying with rhythm and synthesis more than ever, ‘H I P N O T O N Y’s ten new cuts delve deeper into our man’s inner workings and self-perpetuating sonic sequences.

Tracks “It’s On My Mind”, “Enna Gee” and “Sweetunder” introduce the record warmly and with calm precision; instantly giving the record a set and setting – late night, turn-of-the-millennium vibes in any of Manchester’s incessantly dark and smokey backrooms; a time when ‘backroom’ residencies were as inspiring and as cultishly followed as anything going on in the mainroom. Just a red light and a feeling to quote one Mr. Kerri Chandler. BE’s completely hardwired into his MPC on these first excursions, obscure soul samples and smoldered funk internally blended before pouring joyfully through the channel strips; his idiosyncratic sound in effect more than ever.

“Ro-Ze-Bond” then changes tact, twisting our bodies and brains through its guttural backwards loops and THC-dipped craziness. Street-ready drums propping up this already most gangsta of joints. “Rachel” heads into familiar territory for BE; 5AM in some pitchblack rave cave with nothing but a smoke machine and a gentle, throbbing strobe for company. It’s long, cascading synth washes the first in a series of hypnotic transmissions heading our way before the album’s completion. Majestic stuff indeed, equally suited to exercising both cerebral and physical tendencies. “Butt-atoes” should bring back nostalgic sentiments of “Marquis”, the opening track off BE’s stunning debut LP. It’s bouncy, playful drums caressing the ears while fluttering keys and gliding bass massage and tease our erogenous nether regions.

Flip the wax and “From S – R” begins its technicoloured joy-ride floating on Mario’s rainbow road; all star power and blue shells. A now trademark BE synth solo jotting delicate liquid funk upon this glowing, synthetic canvas. “Badum” appears out of nowhere, a spangled, pulsing arpeggio introducing the track before pure 90s deep house vibes ooze from every orifice. Sumptious, velvety strings encassing the most encapsulating of female vocal hooks alongside the very epitome of a deep house B-line; rich, warm and sure to fill the air of any sized dancefloor throughout the cosmos. Sheer bliss. “TNTN” creeps in with its dark jazz; smokey horns and espionage-themed piano licks rolling in serendipity side-by-side before the album floats back to harbour and draws to its natural, sleepy, medetive conclusion on “Bobbi”. It’s been another beauty from our man, as cohesive and expansive as his last effort and dripping with the same radiance throughout.”

Photo from the ace Stamp The Wax website