Imagine you’re starting a record collection from scratch. In THE Record Collection – we’re asking some infamous diggers; people who eat, sleep and drink music – to build it for you – one piece and one week at a time.

#004 Ricardo Eddy Martinez ‘Expreso Ritmico’ Label: Areito Year: 1978

“I was first introduced to this record earlier this year or late last year by some homies at (El Donut Shoppe) aka Uncle Tony’s Donut Shoppe ( here’s their FB page) while in Orlando, FL visiting my parents for the holidays. I dug through a fat stack of records of various genre’s from psych to funk and disco-boogie, and heard this LP playing while digging and also noticed a joint sampled on it before. This LP as wall priced there was out of my budget for that trip to cop, but the entire record minus two tracks of 10 total are all upbeat with afro-latin breaks, dope choral vocal arrangements and chunky bass and conga lines, but don’t sleep, the lower BPM tracks are nice mellow gems! How’d I get my copy you ask? A few months later I was looking to cop another record from Cuba on the Areito label by a band named Grupo Irakere with the dope latin funk break heavy track “Bacalao Con Pon”. I found it and a dealer was also selling the Expreso Ritmico LP for a good price, it’s typically anywhere as low as $125 and as high as $300-$400! Now you know… interestingly enough, I checked while typing this up, and not sure of the condition, but someone was selling it for stupid low on eBay for $69.99 anywhere else available it’s $150 up to $250 currently.”

The Night Walkers ‘Natacha’ Label: Borinquen Year: 1970

‘I can’t really remember how I got put onto this record, but I believe I heard a track off of it somewhere, and began the hunt a few years back. I actually copped it earlier this year and this one is priced under $100 but it’s typically hard to come by is the thing. I got a MINT copy, I think it was played once and still in factory shrink wrap and I found it via Discogs from a dealer in… you guessed it, Puerto Rico! The title cut (also on 45 which I have as well) Natacha is originally a song by an artist out of Peru in the early 60s If I remember correctly when I researched it some time back, but this version… is on a dope Psych mid-tempo latin storytelling tip but sample ready and the overall record sound classification would be Beat/Psych Pop Rock tip! Right up my alley.

Hope you enjoyed the details about two records in a never ending tale of joints collect by heads who dig and love to discover new gems on black gold’

Chosen by Ohmega Watts