I used to think that Kool Keith was the weak link in the legendary Ultramagnetic MCs. It wasn’t until much later – Dr Octagon later – that I realized he wasn’t really trying to make any sense lyrically, the ‘rhyming’ wasn’t a story it was just a telling – an interaction between disparate objects – more like a collage of signifieds. Keith just chose words for their feeling rather than their combined meaning, he just let the sound of the syllables collide and let that be enough. His alias’s are often madcap creations but really this is just a disguise for what lies beneath – a sort of Hip Hop Charles Bukowski with Dadaist leanings.
Keith remains a true individual in a sea of lazy greedy MCS.
I always imagined his rhyme book is just 1 million single words and that he just reads them out randomly when he is spitting, so hopefully that’s what he is doing here in collaboration with the excellent L’Orange – who already had a dope album out this year in tandem with Jeremiah Jae.