A Q&A with prolific Jazz nerd and one of the UK’s most unique beatmakers – Spacedtime.

You can put together a band of any musicians dead or alive to play at any venue – who, where, why?

Damn that’s hard, um some kind of collab between Sun Ra, Don Cherry, John Coltrane, Madlib and Flying Lotus would be dope haha, venue = my living room.

What music was around your house when you were growing up?

My Dad would be playing soul / blues type music, guess that’s how i got my love for black music (jazz and later hip hop).

1st record you bought (or forced someone to buy you)?

I honestly don’t remember what my first record was, probably something bad i seem to remember getting my Mum to buy me the Will Smith – Wild Wild West single when it was out lol.

Best ever diggin’ find?

When it comes to vinyl i’m all about my Sun Ra records, one of my early favourites i bought was Cosmos (original pressing).

Original pressing piece of vinyl you would do something shameful to own?

Any Sun Ra record, Atlantis would be dope (i have the reissue but not the original), either that or any of the countless rare Sun Ra records that are out there.

Top 10 producers of all time (any music style)?

(in no particular order) Madlib, Dilla, Flying Lotus, Alchemist, Quincy Jones, Q-Tip, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Dr Dre, RZA . . . sure there’s loads i missed but those are the ones that come to mind.

Favourite 3 music videos?

I honestly don’t have any favourites.

What’s next for you?

Got three solo projects i’m working on (almost finished two of them), one will be another cassette release this time through DigDugDIY, one is an EP then a longer project, will probably drop them all before the end of April.

Greatest year for music?

There have been many great years for music, 1959 springs to mind for Jazz.

Why do you make music?

I make music because that is what i enjoy the most. you should live your life following your highest passion moment to moment, one day i may wake up deciding that music is no longer what i want to do, in which case i’ll naturally gravitate to whatever my next interest may be.

5 albums it should be illegal for people not to own?

People can listen to whatever they want lol, 5 albums i would recommend everyone check out however would be: Nas – Illmatic, Miles Davis – Kind of Blue, Sun Ra – Atlantis, John Coltrane – A Love Supreme, Wu-Tang Clan – Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) . . . (there a literally loads i could name these are just what came to mind)

Most mind blowing gig you’ve been to?

When i last saw FlyLo in the UK.

Recommend 3 other works of art/artists (books, painters etc)?

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho, Three Magic Words – Uell S. Anderson, Waking Life (a really cool film directed by Richard Linklater).

3 DJs can survive the apocalypse – who do you save?

Madlib, J Rocc, Afrika Bambaataa.

Track that you always lose your shit dancing to?

Anything by James Brown.

In a parallel universe where anything is possible, who works on your next project with you and what is it?

Me and Sun Ra making a duo project combining live instruments and samples.

Record label you wish you started?

Blue Note.

Apart from music what do you love most?

Films, weed, living life.

Who is your musical sensi?

In case you hadn’t guessed it by now Sun Ra . . . haha.

You can listen to one song before you get put into the Black Sleep of the Kali Ma – what do you choose?

Sun Ra – Atlantis.

A Q&A with Spacedtime from 2014 courtesy of ADTRAX.