Jazzanova’s Sonar Kollektiv label could well be one of the great labels of our era. Simply one of those labels that can do no wrong – you see the logo, you buy, you keep the faith. Since 1997 they have given us nothing but quality soul, folk and jazz infused electronic music – heartfelt and hopeful.

Late October saw the release of ‘Colour’ by Bristol’s Pete Josef – it’s a great album, worthy of many glowing words from us but we’ll leave it to Sonar Kollektiv to describe it – as they do so most eloquently:

‘Completely self-penned, self-recorded and produced, Pete Josef heads into many different sonic spheres over the course of “Colour”’s 11 tracks: There’s introspective, night-time minimalism (“Night Gospel,” “Running In Series”) and exuberant vocal jazz – the bossa-fuelled “Travelling Song,” for example, and his mantra-like “Life Your Life” (his advice: “live it well”) –, and there’s also a track like “Hope,” epically arranged and based around a poem by Emily Dickinson: At first, his stunning voice has plenty of room for itself, until the track spreads its wings and takes off majestically like some composition by The Cinematic Orchestra.

And yet, this voice sounds altogether different on “Many Signs,” almost like a latter-day Stevie Wonder, until he once again shows his love for beats on the tropically hot “Something Good”. The album ends with pure bliss – the title track “Colour”: “Wonder why/walking through flowers/it makes me high.” It’s true and soothing: Beauty lies in simple things.
It’s easily the soundtrack to this year’s Indian summer: “Colour” refracts and pools the warm afterglow of many years, and it burns brighter with each listen.’

posted by Dom Duchamp – the∞weight radio show