female:pressure #30 [Feat. Giganta]

female:pressure is an online radio show that celebrates women’s talent in electronic music. Fresh shows are on air bi-weekly Thursdays 19:00 UK & Ireland time.

Giganta is the music alias of Eleni Adamopoulou, a music producer and sound designer based in Athens. Her debut EP “Force” was released by Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune in March 2014, followed by many collaborations and other track releases at Onloop, and Black Athena label. Her electronic sound is full of glitch, bass, whimsical melodies and sampled collages, experimenting in and out of genres.

Track List:

1. Upper East Side Pussy by James Ferraro
2. Paia by Ahnnu
3. automne dans un miroir by koshi miharu
4. Southern Mauristemo Islands by Mensa Group International
5. La Última Batalla by Tarántulas Pentium
6. coconut cooed by The Android Sisters
7. Japanese Girl by Frank Chickens
8. old booze, new friends by Porn Sword Tobacco
9. ilp. by Kwes
10. RZA by Ssaliva
11. ❤ E N T E R P R I S E by ULTRA
12. Businessline by Hype Williams
13. policeman by catarina pratter
14. Fake Pain by James Ferraro
15. Leaves Are Falling by Gudrun Gut
16. I can’t see you by Giganta
17. What’s the use by Fay
18. Chaos by Giganta
19. FTV Dream channel by Giganta
20. Levitation Dream by Jensen Sportag
21. Cloud_s by Submerse